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Poulin Grain's Rabbit program is flexible to meet the customers' requirements. Our small animal feeds are formulated for pet, show and meat animals. We use high quality alfalfa meal as our main source of fiber in these products. Alfalfa is full of excellent nutrients, not just a source of fiber. This high level of alfalfa gives our pellets their attractive green color. We sample all incoming ingredients to ensure they meet our high standards. This sampling process is continued throughout our manufacturing operation. Carbohydrates come from a mixture of grains. We maintain the proper ratio between fiber and carbohydrates to reduce the incidence of anteritis and enterotoxemia caused by carbohydrate "overload" in the hind gut. We have included Yucca in our rabbit pellets. Studies have shown rabbits fed a diet containing Yucca have reduced respiratory disease, reduced enteritis, reduced mortality rates and a major improvement in feed efficiency. The addition of Yucca has shown a major reduction of ammonia levels in the growing area. All of this translates into a larger fryer in a shorter period of time with a higher survival rate. All Poulin Grain small animal feeds are "cut" short to reduce waste. Your animals won't bite off just the end of the pellet and drop the rest. With our short pellets they eat the whole thing. Many of our customers have seen a reduction in grain usage.
Growth 18% Rabbit Pellet
Maintenance 16% Rabbit Pellet - 25lbs
Maintenance 16% Rabbit Pellet - 50lbs
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